Eduardo Ruiz


Article | Magazine/ Revista May 23

INS Màrius Torres year/Any XXVII (Lleida, Spain)


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Imaginaris Multiespècies #Teerres de Lleida. Art Center La Panera (Lleida)


Interview | 27th October 2022

Podcast Dies de Ràdio a Ràdio Sant Boi with Mònica Santacreu



Exhibition guide | Jun 22th, 2022

Petite Planète. Exhibition group.

Textos / Texts by Silvia Dauder Edgar Díaz Crèdits fotogràfics / Créditos fotográficos / Photo credits Francesc Daniel Roberto Ruiz


Article | January 23th, 2022

HANGAR Paratext #60 por Alba Mayol


Artist archive | July-September 2022

HANGAR ORG, Summer Sessions Residency 2022


Article | Nov 03th, 2021

Hacia un cultivo expandido. Nuevas formas de extractivismo, p6
Revista Anales de la historia. Ed.Complutense. ISSN: 0214-6452 - Article by Christian Alonso.

Article | May 31th, 2021

Día Mundial del Mediombiente — Cinco obras para reimaginar, recrear y restaurar el mundo.

Revista Hansel i Gretel - Article by Gisela Chillida


Article | August 05th, 2020

Why do you keep on working? Because I am a slave...

A*Desk Magazine - Critical thinking. Article by Gisela Chillida.


| December 13th, 2019

"Art to reflect on climate, social and economic emergencies"

Collective exhibition TotSantCugat "Polítiques del Sòl" Centre d'Art Maristany SantCugat(Spain) by Ferran Mitjà Soto.

| July 13th, 2019

"Osmosis faces a contemporary reflection on the theme of Man-Nature balanc"

Collective exhibition Osmosi. Naturam hominis. CityArt, Milano(Italy) by Alessia Locatelli.

Article | July 13th, 2019

"How much ideology is behind a euro? Almost daily we open our wallets or poke around

in our pockets to disburse pieces of paper and metal to which we hardly pay attention"
Collective exhibition. €UROPOLI$ Àcid Sulfuric Gallery (Spain) by Gisela Chillida.


News | July 13th, 2019

"Arquitecturas Blandas is a community participation workshop that seeks to answer the

following question: Can sculptural practice build a cartography of our neighborhood through the senses and memory?"

Arquitecturas Blandas" Centro Cultural de España Juan de Salazar, Asunción(Paraguay)

and El Cántaro Almacén de Arte, Areguá(Paraguay).


Article | August 27th, 2018

The 21st Biennial of Catalan Contemporary Art, in which the work of eleven artists from all over Catalonia will be exhibited in an exhibition at the Maristany Art Center, the eleven artists selected in this edition, all under 35 years.

La Vanguardia Newspaper about XXI Biennal d'Art Contemporani Català SantCugat(Spain).


News | February 2nd, 2018

"In € uropolis. PIGS can not fly curator Gisela Chillida starts off with a gesture as automated and automated

as paying cash to explore the complex geopolitical relations game that hides behind it"

Magazine Bonart. L'Europa fantasma: "€uropoli"


Article | July 13th, 2018

Revista Mirall "Àcid Sulfúric contre l'euro" by Joan Vila i Boix.


Radio interview | July 13th, 2017

"We are talking about the "Community Art Laboratory" that has just opened in Sant Boi de Llobregat with the artist Eduardo Ruiz, curator of the exhibition, and Joanjo Esteban, director of the Can Castells Art Center"

Preferències Radio4-RNE Barcelona(Spain) by José María Carrasco.


Article | September 4th, 2017

A project by Sant Boi will make visible spaces hidden through art "Spaces of meat and bones" will flood with culture such as the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital. "Visiting public and private spaces of Sant Boi, hidden and invisible to all citizens for a long time."

El Periódico Newspaper Cultural. Sant Boi de Ll(Spain)


Exhibition text | April 8th, 2017

We can say that a border space encompasses the set of events that take place where the encounter between two different states occurs, each of which is governed by specific policies that determine the living conditions of its inhabitants.

Efecte Vora by Curator Anna Dot. Sant Andreu Contemporani Barcelona(Spain)


Radio interview | July 13th, 2017

"We welcome to the studio the illustrator Joana Santamans to introduce "Vida", his illustrated bestiary.

Rosa Bastos, from the blog "Articulación Cultural", invites the Catalan artist Eduardo Ruiz"

Preferències programme on the Radio4-RNE Barcelona(Spain) by José María Carrasco.


Radio interview  | July 13th, 2017

At "Radio Days" by Mònica Santacreu we have the Art Space, where we interview Edu Ruiz,

artist and curator of the next Community Art Laboratory (LAC).

Preferències programme Dies de Ràdio on the Radio Sant Boi(Spain) by Mònica Santacreu.


Exhibition text | July 13th, 2017

Techno blood per Ricardo Trigo. Sala d'Art Jove 2017 Barcelona(Spain).


Radio interview

The artistic observation work led Eduardo Ruiz to look at the plants growing on a fenced plot in the middle of the city. If you approached, that area that seemed abandoned was no longer so much because until it arrived other beings that came in and out naturally, all but humans. From there Eduardo Ruiz has dedicated himself to working with urban wild plants and discovering their natural remedies.

Interview on radio programme Vida Verde de Radio4-RNE by Pílar Samprieto.